上海磐艺成立于2011年,总部设在上海,是一家基于数字艺术内容创意创新,传播赋能品牌价值的综合服务商。我们提供数字可视化服务,主要业务包括3D模型、3D渲染、3D动画、数字多媒体。此外,我们还为客户提供营销策划、展览展示设计、AR / VR数字内容制作、数字交互体验、IP运营开发等业务。








CGX was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Shanghai. It is a comprehensive service provider based on digital art content creative innovation, dissemination and empowerment of brand value. We provide digital visualization services, mainly including 3D models, 3D rendering, 3D animation, and digital multimedia. In addition, we also provide customers with marketing planning, exhibition display design, AR/VR digital content production, digital interactive experience, IP operation development and other services.

CG-X is an innovative digital art company with over 60 employees. Our partner team includes 3D artists, creative directors, planners, planners, special editors, visual illustrators, VR developers, ITC engineers, photographers, and other professionals. We have over 10 years of rich project practical experience and have gained high recognition from our clients.

CG-X core value is to provide value to its customers. Our goal is to become a world leading digital multimedia company. We are proud and proud of our achievements, and we will maintain a humble attitude, diverse culture, and innovative spirit in the future. Maximize the commercial value of digital CG art to repay customers.

CG-X English name source:

"X" symbolizes our infinite exploration and challenge of art.

"X" represents our spirit of continuous innovation and breakthrough.

"X" is our brave breakthrough in cross-border thinking in various fields.


海内存知己  天涯若比邻

Sea memory confidant, the world is next to each other​​